Business Park Vandel is located in the middle of Jutland and is part of some of Denmark’s most exciting military history.

Business Park Vandel is placed in an area that previously constituted the military air base, Vandel.

The German Wehrmacht started to build the military airbase in 1943. At the end of World War II the Germans had completed a modern airbase with taxiways, runways and a weather station.

After the war, the Danish Air Force took over the area and the air base came to house the Air Force’s helicopter service. During the Cold War the airbase was also the centre of military operations and British and American squadrons.

In 2003 the Air Force helicopter service moved to Karup Air Base. Air Base Vandel folded and was bought by the Bregentved Group.

Throughout the last few years the Bregentved Group has transformed the area into a business park with focus on commercial rental, agriculture and forestry as well as various motorsport- and test-driving events.